The Chamber has been closely monitoring the current COVID crisis and we will continue to provide support, guidance, and up-to-date information to our local businesses. This Crisis has taken us all by surprise, however, we remain strong and determined. We are resilient.

Our ability to adapt and quickly change course is a testimony to what we are made of as a community. The generosity and willingness to give has been overwhelming as we help others while inventing new ways to maintain our businesses and livelihood. Many businesses have partnered with each other and local nonprofits to provide meals for the Greater Ossining community and our frontline heroes. Some have pivoted to online platforms and continue to donate a portion of proceeds to help out. The Chamber and our partners, with your help, intends to fortify the reach of more businesses to participate in this powerful circle of giving by promoting the mission of the Virtuous Collective.

To further engagement and create a homegrown ecosystem, the Chamber has invested in a concept pitched by Ossining Innovates!. “OI! seeded the concept of establishing a fund that would empower more local, often smaller, businesses to become providers and suppliers to the many organizations currently providing goods and services within the Greater Ossining community.” To answer the call and in record time, the Chamber and our partners have established the Virtuous Collective fund and website. An advisory board of local business owners, partners, and enthusiasts have also selflessly taken up the cause. This is truly a collective community effort.

The Chamber looks forward to our commitment to the Virtuous Collective mission and completing the circle as we embark on this adventure together and strengthen our ecosystem by way of goodness and giving.

Dr. Gayle Marchica, President
Greater Ossining Chamber of Commerce

Ossining Innovates – Partnership

Just like you, we’re tracking the fast changing circumstances of COVID-19 and we’ve been rapidly adjusting our plans. Ossining Innovates! strongly believes in the need for all of us to carry on, to continue to learn and grow, to push forward with our dreams, and to embrace the change ahead.

Each day that passes makes the need to think like an entrepreneur more evident. Solving problems is what entrepreneurship is all about. Keeping our eye on those we serve, understanding their challenges and fulfilling their needs where we can, is what entrepreneurs do. And solving the problems we confront today is a wonderful opportunity to help others while helping oneself.

Through discussions in community meetings, our locally based, Ossining Innovates! (OI!) began thinking about the impact that our community outreach might have on many of our local businesses. Focused on what might be done to further engage our local businesses in the community relief effort, OI! seeded the concept of establishing a fund that would empower more local, often smaller, businesses to become providers and suppliers to the many organizations already engaged with the community.

OI! reached out to the Greater Ossining Chamber of Commerce to gauge interest in our business community. The Chamber has taken up this challenge and is working with its members, local business owners, and others to implement the efforts of the Virtuous Collective.

The Brieant Youth Alliance – Partnership

The Brieant Youth Alliance (BYA) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded by the late Judge Charles L. Brieant of Ossining in 2008 to establish and fund programs for youth in the Greater Ossining community, using paid professionals, an active Board of Directors, and volunteers.

We bring together educators and thought leaders to provide unique programs offered free of charge in partnership with the Ossining schools with funding and/or volunteers provided by the UPS Corporation, legal, accounting, and financial services firms, schools, and generous individuals.

With COVID-19 impacting our community in so many ways, including putting our school-based programs on hold, we welcome the opportunity to partner with the Greater Ossining Chamber of Commerce and Ossining Innovates! in the Ossining Virtuous Collective. We expect that the contributions of our volunteers, including the students in our Leadership Program with appropriate social distancing, will help families in our community at least have enough food on the table to start.

The President of the BYA, Charles L. Brieant III said: “We are pleased to be able to participate in this initiative, which harnesses the resources of local businesses, including restaurants and food vendors, and brings together the strengths of the many other charitable organizations in our community. This is exactly the kind of effort that my father would have supported.”

Diane Magri, Executive Director of the BYA stated, “We are fully behind this initiative and committed to aiding the community, as well as providing students with a great learning experience during this crisis as they work to provide ideas and solutions to mitigate the problems that COVID-19 has created in Greater Ossining.” Please visit the Brieant Youth Alliance for more information on BYA programs.

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